The assigned carrels on the lower level are available to graduate students involved in intensive library research and study. Assignments are based on the following order of priority:

Doctoral students in Music Education and Musicology
Doctoral students in Composition and Performance
Masters students in Music Education and Musicology
Masters students in Composition and Performance.
Within this structure, carrels are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Please do not request a carrel if you are going to use it only occasionally! Some carrels may have two persons assigned to them.

Carrel reserve means convenience of location: you may keep material of particular interest at your desk for a term (more precisely, the loan period is set at 90 days). Items on carrel reserve are, however, subject to removal by other readers. It is inadvisable, for example, to attempt to reserve undergraduate textbooks, or vocal scores of current local opera productions.

Carrel use information

To place books and music on carrel reserve, bring the items to the circulation desk and tell the library staff member the number of your carrel. After the items are charged to your carrel, you will receive coloured tags to place in them to indicate their status. At the end of each academic term, please review your carrel reserve, and renew for the next term the volumes you still need. Unrenewed items may be removed by library staff.

Materials which usually circulate are available for carrel reserve. Non-circulating items may not be placed on reserve: reference, security stack, rare books, non-circulating M2 and M3 scores, microforms, journals (bound or single issues), and sound and video recordings.

Note that books and music checked out to you as regular loans will have been "desensitized", and can be carried by anyone past the exit security gate unchallenged: we advise you not to leave them unattended for long. And please exercise caution with personal items of value.

When you have finished using them, please return to the circulation desk all library materials which you have checked out. Leave on book trucks, rather than on tables or carrels, all other library material examined here. Reshelve reference books if you feel confident about it, or leave them in the reference area. Assistance in these ways will make heavily-used material easier to locate, and will be appreciated by other library users as well as by the library staff.

As you are among the most frequent users of our valuable resource materials, we specially ask your cooperation in protecting them, and in keeping their physical deterioration to a minimum. The scores, books, journals and recordings here are expensive, and many are irreplaceable. Forcing bindings open for copying is destructive, as is leaving books face down for any length of time, scribbling markings in a score, or careless equipment use with recordings. Please treat all library materials with great care, so that they will live to teach and delight others in years to come.

If there are items you think the library should acquire please use the "Recommend a Purchase" form.
There are two public workstations available in the carrel area for the Library catalogue and e-resources. Access to the Campus Wireless Network is available throughout the Library.