Archives Collection 15 : Sir Ernest MacMillan

Ezra Schabas, academic administrator, teacher, and writer, was born in New York 24 Apr 1924, and has lived in Canada since 1950. He has written journal and dictionary articles, prepared six reports 1966-88 on aspects of music in Canada, and published five monographs. For a full biography see the Canadian Encyclopedia

Sir Ernest MacMillan (1893-1973) was the most influential Canadian musician of the middle 20th century. Schabas’ biography won the 1995 Toronto Book Award. See the Canadian Encyclopedia for a full biography.

Correspondence, notes, transcripts, and other working papers for hisSir Ernest MacMillan : the importance of being CanadianUniversity of Toronto Press, 1994.


312 files, 35 audio cassettes : 1.2 m.


Ezra Schabas

Sir Ernest MacMillan’s papers are held by Library and Archives Canada.

1.Agnew, Marjorie : 1 ALS to Dr. Peaker ; photocopy of issues of "Sir Ernest MacMillan Fine Arts Club"
2.Anecdotes : photocopy of letters mainly to Keith MacMillan
3.Applebaum, Lou : pencil notes on interview
4.Arts and Letters Club : photocopy of "Valedictory" by Ernest MacMillan, 1932 ; printout of address at the Club to the Royal Canadian College of Organists by Schabas, 1992 ; 8 p. notes for talk on MacMillan at the Club by Schabas
5.Audiences, listening/enjoying music : photopies of "The Canadian musical public", CAPAC lecture by MacMillan 1964 ; journal and newspaper articles
6.Auditions : 1 p. of notes
7.Australia : 6 p. notes ; photocopy of press notices ; script of 1945 broadcast "A Canadian musician in Australia"
8.Bach : photocopy of lectures by MacMillan, "The second book of Bach's forty-eight" (1930) and "Bach's catechism" (1947)
9.Barbeau, Marius : 10 p. notes ; photocopy from publications by Barbeau ; lecture by MacMillan, "The folk-songs of Canada" (1930)
10.Beckwith, John : 1 TLS ; pencil notations on printout drafts
11.Beecham, Thomas : photocopy of press notices
12.Berlin, Boris : 9 p. summary of interview with Keith MacMillan
13.Binnie, Edith : 3 p. notes
14.Bibliography : file of photocopies and notes
15.Biography 1893-1920
16.Biography 1893-1920 : 7 p. notes
17.Biography 70th birthday : 4 p. notes; photocopies of press notices
18.Biography, general appraisals : 2 p. notes; photocopies of press articles
19.Biography, personal : photocopies of letters and writings by friends
20.Biographers : photocopies of letters
21.Boult, Adrian : 2 p. notes
22.Bradshaw, Suzanne : 3 letters re Founders Fund
23.Brandon : 1 p. notes
24.Brazil : 4 p. notes ; photocopies of press notices
25.BBC Concerts : 14 p. notes ; photocopies of press notices
26.Brott, Alexander : 1 p. notes re composition
27.Buffalo : 2 p. notes
28.Burgess, Antoinette and Barbara : 1 p. notes; photocopy of letters
29.CKEY : 2 p. notes
30.CCO (Canadian College of Organists) : photocopy of 1928 press clipping ; 1950 address to Vancouver chapter, by MacMillan
31.Calgary : photocopy of press notices and letters
32.Calverley, Amice : photocopy of letters
33.Canada Council : copy of brief from Canadian Music Council ; typescripts of preparatory articles on performance (Gilles Lefebvre, JMC), public libraries (Ogreta McNeill, CMLA), university libraries (Graham George, Queen's), foreign relations (Boyd Neel, RCM), composers (John Beckwith, CLC), and music education (Leslie Bell) ; photocopy of talk by MacMillan on receiving Canada Council medal, 1964
34.Canada--places visited : photocopy of "A favourite vacation spot"
35.Canada Foundation : 1 p. notes
36.Canadian Academy of Music : photocopy of press notices
37.Canadian artists : photocopy of press notices
38.CBC : 8 p. notes ; copies of a letter and memo from MacMillan
39.CBC Talent Festival : 2 p. notes; ALS Carl Little; photocopy of press notices
40.CBC catalogue of MacMillan tapes
41.Canadian Forum : list of articles by MacMillan, 1922-1925
42.Canadian Music Centre : annotated list of holdings of MacMillan works ; 2 p. notes
43.Canadian Musical Heritage Society : advertising featuring publications of MacMillan works
44.Canadian song book : 2 p. notes
45.Canadian Trio : 1 p. notes ; photocopy of press notices
46.Centennial competition (IBM) ; 2 p. notes ; photocopy of letter from Keith MacMillan
47.CAPAC : 8 p. notes ; program, copies of letters, photocopy of press notices re 1956 Paris concert of Canadian works
48.Chicago conducting : 3 p. notes and printouts; photocopy of press notices
49.Chalmers, Floyd : transcripts of interviews
50.Christmas Box concerts : 1 p. notes ; transcript of Anna Russell interview ; photocopy of scripts, programs and press notices
51.CIDEM : 2 p. notes
52.Clarkson, Adrienne : proposal for television program, with correspondence
53.Claxton, Brooke : 1 p. notes
54.Clipping 1921-1940 : printouts of transcribed press notices
55.Clippings lists : extensive notes and printouts of press sources
56.Clippings 1904-1913 : photocopy of press notices
57.Composers competition : photocopy of press notices re CBC song writing contest, 1950
58.Compositions : 13 p. notes; photocopy of printed and mss songs and hymns; press notices
59.Composing--views : 2 p. notes; press notices of articles by MacMillan; copy of TL to Douglas Hallam
60.Coronation 1953 : press notices re Handel performances
61.Concerts of Canadian composers : 3 p. notes; photocopy of press notices; 1 TLS John Beckwith
62.Concerts 1957- : photocopy of press notices
63.Conducting : 2 p. notes; photocopy and printouts
64.Cozens, John ; 2 p. notes ; 1 TLS ; photocopy of press notices
65.Creech, Robert : 1 p. notes (Creech's?); copy of letter listing questions
66.Criticism : photocopy of articles by MacMillan
67.Cross, Ted : 1 p. interview notes
68.Dale, Benjamin : 2 p. notes; copies of letters from MacMillan to Dale, and of correspondence between Keith MacMillan and Patrick Piggott
69.Davies, Robertson : annotated transcript of interview with Whitney Smith
70.De Kresz, Geza : photocopy of letter to MacMillan, Sept. 1945
71.Diary searches : printout of results of keyword searches
72.Edinburgh : 2 p. notes; photocopy of short essay re invitation in 1940
73.Edmonton : 2 p. notes
74.Education--music : 3 p. notes ; photocopy of published essays, lectures and press notices
75.Elliott, Robin : 1 ALS re his thesis and Canadian Musical Heritage Edition; photocopy of Hart House String Quartet program of MacMillan's quartet and press notices
76.Engagements--Europe : 2 p. notes
77.Examinations--adjudicating : 2 p. notes; photocopy of magazine articles and typescript of skit
78.Faculty of Music--MacMillan celebration : programs Oct. 1993
79.Feldbrill, Victor : 5 p. notes; photocopy of transcript of interview with Keith MacMillan
80.Festivals--competitive : 2 p. notes; photocopy of magazine articles and press notices
81.Forbes, Kenneth : photocopy of press notices re portrait
82.Ford Sunday Evening Hour, 1937: 2 p. notes
83.Fusco, Frank : photocopy of transcript of interview with Keith MacMillan
84.Gage, Frances : 2 p. notes; photocopy of Toronto Star obituary of MacMillan illustrated with her work
85.George, Graham : 2 p. notes; photocopy of transcript of interview with Keith MacMillan
86.Gibbons, John Murray : 1 p. notes
87.Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Toronto : photocopy of 1966 lecture, including Ruhleben reminiscences
88.Gilmour, Clyde : 4 ALS about publicizing Schabas' biography
89.Glasgow : 1 p. notes
90.Goodman, Hymn : photocopy of reminiscences written for Keith MacMillan
91.Guelph : photocopy of essay on Edward Johnson for 1968 Spring Festival brochure
92.Grainger, Percy : 2 p. notes; photocopy of press notices, of 1945 letter from Grainger, and of 1952 letter from Ella Grainger
93.Hallett, Gordon : 3 p. of interview notes
94.Health : photocopy of 1931 arm fracture report; transcripts of 1984 letters between Keith MacMillan and Dr. Ian MacDonald
95.Hitler : photocopy of article and draft, "Hitler and Wagnerism"
96.Hollins, Alfred : 1 p. notes; photocopy from published memoirs
97.Indianapolis 1946 : photocopies of press notices
98.ISME (International Association for Music Education) : 1963 Tokyo conference, report by Arnold Walter; 1964 Budapest meeting, copies of correspondence with Jean Papineau-Couture
99.Interview transcripts : Keith MacMillan with Marcus Adeney, Paul Baby, Hunter Bishop, Ian Cameron, Joe Cartan
100.Interview transcripts : Keith MacMillan with Reginald Godden, Flora Goulden, Paul Green, Frances James, Richard Johnston, Greta Kraus, Brock MacElheran, Harold Sumberg, Muriel Dagger Temple
101.Interviews with MacMillan : 1 p. notes; photocopies of press notices
102.Jamaica : photocopy of lecture in Kingston newspaper
103.Jeunesses musicales : 6 p. notes ; 1 ALS, 1TLS, and 5 p. printout "Hommage" from Gilles Lefebvre
104.Johnson, Edward : photocopies from Ruby Mercer biography
105.Edward Johnson Building : photocopies of MacMillan's lecture at 1964 opening, and of press notices
106.Judson, Arthur : photocopy of 1938 letter advising MacMillan not to leave Toronto
107.Kallmann, Helmut : 2 p. notes; photocopies of MacMillan's assessment of his "History," transcripts transcript of interview with Whitney Smith, and of remarks at closing of National Library exhibition, 1995
108.Keith, Jessie : press notices
109.King, Mackenzie : photocopies of article, "The arts in war time" and of letters to and from the prime minister
110.Kiors, Maria : 8 p. notes; photocopy of 2 p. typescript of reminiscences
111.Knighthood : photocopies of correspondence from prime minister Bennett and from Elsie MacMillan; photocopies of press cllippings
112.Knox Church, Toronto : photocopies of correspondence re organist position
113.Lavallée, Calixa : photocopies of 1938 radio talk and 1963 magazine article by MacMillan
114.Lebel, Mario : 5 p. interview notes; s of letters from MacMillan relatives, 1896-1912
115.LeCaine, Trudi : transcript of interview with Keith MacMillan, re her step-father Arnold Walter
116.Lyceum Club and Women's Art Association : correspondence from secretary re talk by Schabas, May 1994, with his 1 p. outline
117.Los Angeles : 1 p. notes; photocopies of press notices
118.Lothian, Polly : transcripts and photocopies of letters
119.MacLean, Peggy : transcripts of letters
120.MacKelcan, Fred : photocopies of his articles about MacMillan
121.MacMillan, Alexander : photocopies of letters to MacMillan and to Winnie; copy of typescript "The contribution of Alexander MacMillan to Canadian hymnody," by N. Keith Clifford; "Looking back : reminiscences," edited by Keith and Pat MacMillan, with promotional materials ; photocopy of letter from John MacMillan
122.MacMillan, Don : 2 p. notes ; transcripts of inverview with Whitney Smith ; CV
123.MacMillan, Elsie : photocopies of letters, press notices including her article on the Vancouver Festival 1959, and "Portrait," a short story
124.MacMillan, Jean Ross : photocopy of transcript of interview with Keith MacMillan
125.MacMillan, Keith : photocopies of correspondence and writings, "Intermezzo" (undated), "Parallel tracks: Ernest Campbell MacMillan in the 1930s and 1940s" (1986)
126.MacMillan, Pat : 6 p. interview notes ; 2 ALS
127.MacMillan, Ross : 8 p. interview notes ; photocopies of letters
128.MacMillan, Winnie : photocopies of letters mainly to Alexander MacMillan
129.notices 1993 : promotional material by Schabas
130.Death 1973 : "Canadian Composer," special issue ; photocopies of press notices ; 3 p. notes ; transcript of memorial address by Charles Peaker
131.Diary : photocopy of 1926-27 manuscript and annotated partial transcript
132."History of my life" : photocopy of 1913 manuscript
133.Honours : printouts of lists ; photocopies of press notices
134.Humour : photocopies of press notices, and lecture to The Gregorian Association, 1964
135.Lectures 1964 : photocopies of "In quires and places where they sing," "The bard and music," and press notices
136.Letters : printout of listing by Keith MacMillan ; 2 p. notes
137.Letters, 1913-14 : annotated printouts ; ca. 25 p. notes
138.Letters 1918 : annotated printout of transcripts
139.Letters 1920-19 : photocopies and annotated printouts of excerpts
140.Letters to his wife 1930-40 : photocopies and annotated printouts of excerpts
141.Letters to his wife 1940- : 8 p. notes
142.Massey Hall plaque, Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada : invitation, program, and photocopy of speech at 1989 ceremony by T.H.B. Symons
143."Maple leaf forever" : photocopy of articles from Saturday Night re text ; parody text (?by Keith MacMillan)
144.Marshall, Lois : photocopies of 2 letters, and press notices
145.Massey, Vincent : lists of archives references ; photocopies of personal and foundation letters
146.Massey Commission : photocopies of letters to MacMillan ; copy of resume of Canadian Music Council brief
147.Massey Report : photocopy of "Music : an essay prepared for the Royal Commission... 1951"
148.Mazzoleni, Andrea : 5 p. interview notes
149.Mazzoleni, Ettore : photocopies of press notices; letter from Elsie MacMillan
150.McAree, Clifford : photocopy of anecdotal letter to Keith MacMillan
151.Metropolitan Opera, New York : 1 p. notes on 1942 broadcast comments
152.Montreal conducting : 4 p. notes ; photocopies of press notices
153.Moore, Mavor : ALS to Schabas re his autobiography
154.Morawetz, Oskar : 1 ALS ; photocopies of letters to him from MacMillan and Elsie MacMillan
155.Morison, Julius : photocopies of letters, 1907
156.Mount Allison 1956 Summer Institute : registration form ; photocopies of press notices
157.Murray, Gladstone : photocopies of letters to and from him as the CBC General Manager ; photocopy of address to Canadian Club, Ottawa,1942
158."Music in Canada" : 3 p. notes ; photocopies of reviews
159.Music in Canada : photocopies of articles and papers on Canadian musical life
160.Musicians, composers : 5 p. notes, 5 p. photocopies of comments by MacMillan on John Adaskin, Georges Enesco, James Gayfer, Rowland Pack, Elie Spivak, Richard Tattersall, Alec Templeton
161.NBC Symphony : 2 p. notes
162.National Film Board : proposal for documentary film, with Schabas CV ; letters to and from Dennis Murphy and Joan Pennefather
163.National library of Canada: Numerical list of the MacMillan fonds, by Maureen Nevins; Listing of files, and Inventory of tapes, by Keith MacMillan; ca. 15 p. notes; publicity material on the MacMillan archive
164.National Library of Canada: publicity for the opening of the MacMillan exhibit, 1994; draft of talk by Schabas
165.National Library of Canada: list of photographs in MacMillan archive
166.National Museum: recipts for duplication of photographs in the Canadian Museum of Civilization
167.National Orchestra: 1944 letter from Norman Wilks, and copies of letter to him from MacMillan re this proposal
168.Nelsova, Azra: 14 p. photocopies of letters from Keith MacMillan; transcripts of his phone interview
169.Nevins, Maureen: letters to and from Schabas, including her advice for his biography, and annotated list of MacMillan's musical works
170.Notes: ca. 50 p. pencil notes for Schabas biography
171.Ode to England: photocopies of press notices re early performances; text, annotated by Schabas
172.Organ: photocopies of articles and reviews by and about MacMillan playing
173.ORMTA: 1 p. notes
174.Ottawa: 2 p. notes
175.Parlow, Kathleen: 1 p. notes
176.Park Road home: sale advertising; photocopy of press notices
177.Parry Sound : July 1993, MacMillan centenary Symposium and concert flyer, program, letter from John Beckwith to james Campbell suggesting programs and speakers, and ca. 30 p. notes
178.Payzant, geoffrey : 8 p. notes; 1 p. copy of printout of interview with Keith MacMillan
179.Pearson, Lester : photocopies of letters re funding for UNESCO membership for Canadian Music Council
180.Perrin, Harvey : 2 p. interview notes
181.Philadelhia : 2 p. notes, transcripts of press notices re 1939 conducting
182.Philosophy, views of life : photocopy and annotated printout of address "This I believe," and copy of article "I got a great kick outa that;" 1 p. notes
183.Photographs 1890-1920 : photocopies
184.Photographs 1920-1930 : photocopies
185.Photographs 1930-1940 : photocopies
186.Photographs 1940-1950 : photocopies
187.Photographs 1950-1960 : photocopies
188.Photographs 1960- : photocopies; letters from Maureen Nevins re permissions for use in Schabas' book
189.Photographs TSO : photocopies ; 2 p. notes
190.Photographs Toronto Star : photocopies
191.Photographs Toronto Telegram : photocopies
192.Photographs Globe & Mail : photocopies
193.Phodhalicz, Jocelyn (neice) : letters to and from Ezra Schabas ; copy of Ross family genealogical information ; copy of essay on Dorothy MacMillan ; ca. 25 p. notes
194.Piano : 2 p. notes ; photocopies of press notices re MacMillan performances ; photocopy of letter from Rudolf Serkin
195.Piller, Claire : 4 p. interview notes
196.Poems, aphorisms : photocopies of parody verses by MacMillan and others
197.Powell, Wilfred : 2 programs ; 3 p. notes of names, repertoire
198.Pulitzer Prize : press notices re Percival Price controversy
199.Quebec City : photocopies of translations of press notices ; 2 p. notes
200.Quotes : photocopies from various sources
201.Reconstruction 1944 : offprint from Hansard of Minutes of Special Committee, listing MacMillan as witness
202.Recordings : 5 p. notes ; photocopies of reviews
203.Ricout, Godfrey : photocopies of transcripts of interviews with Whitney Smith and with Keith MacMillan
204.Rosevear, Robert : letters to and from Schabas ; photocopies of letters re Rosevear's appointment to the University of Toronto
205.Royal Canadian College of Organists : letter to Schabas from Christopher Dawes ; copy of Schabas "Sir Ernest MacMillan remembered," lecture, May 1992
206.Ross, Alexander : Reminiscences, edited by Keith and Pat MacMillan ; 81, 68 p., photocopy of typescript
207.Rowe, Irene : ALS offering access to her research
208.Royal Conservatory of Music fracas 1952 : 6 p. notes ; photocopies of press notices, letters and interview printouts re MacMillan's retirement
209.Royal Conservatory of Music open house on MacMillan's 100th anniversary : program ; draft of address by Schabas ; letters to and from Peter Simon re financial support for biography
210.Ruhleben : ca. 30 p. notes ; copies of printouts of MacMillan's diary and correspondence, and lecture notes by Keith MacMillan ; photocopies of press notices
211.Saint Matthew Passion : 5 p. notes; photocopies of press reviews of performances
212.San Antonio : 1 p. notes
213.Scherman, Paul : 5 p. interview notes ; copy of transcript of interview with Keith MacMillan
214.Scholes, Percy : copies of letters to and from Scholes, Macmillan and Lawrence Mason, re Mason's criticism of lack of Canadian content in the Oxford Companion
215.Sclater, Molly : copy of essay "A student's eye view," and of transcript of interview with Keith MacMillan
216.Sea : photocopy of press notices on "Music and the sea"
217.Shostakovich, Dimitri : photocopies of press notices on MacMillan's conducting of Symphony no. 7 ; letter from Shostakovich
218.Silvester, Fred : obituary tribute by MacMillan
219.Smith, Whitney : 28 p. notes ; copies of transcripts of interviews with Walter Buczynski, Frank Fusco, Keith MacMillan, Mary Willan Mason, David Ouchterlony ; copies of letters to Keith MacMillan ; copy of paper "Sir Ernest MacMillan and Dr Arnold Walter: a counterpoint of musical heritage"
220.SOCAN : letters to and from Schabas re financial support for the biography from the SOCAN Foundation
221.Stafford, Muriel Gidley : copy of "Tribute" to MacMillan
222.Stewart, Reginald : copies of press notices
223.Symphony Six : photocopies of press notices ; 6 p. notes
224.Table of contents : drafts
225.Timothy Eaton Memorial Church : photocopies of press notices and programes ; copy of printout of list of recitals ; 5 p. notes
226.Toronto Arts Council 1952-52 : 1 p. notes
227.Toronto Heliconian Club : ca. 20 p. notes re talk by Schabas about the biography ; letters from Club officers
228.Toronto Historical Board : letters and publicity re talk by Schabas, Jan. 1995 ; Schabas CV
229.Toronto -- general history : 1 p. notes ; press notices ; "The hundred" ; Toronto Star centennial magazine
230.Toronto -- centennial 1934 : photocopies of Toronto Symphony programs and press notices
231.Toronto Conservatory of Music Choir : photocopies of press notices
232.Toronto Conservatory of Music Quarterly : 6 p. notes
233.Toronto Conservatory of Music Opera : photocopies of press notices and programs, mainly re 1929 Hugh the Drover
234.Toronto Conservatory of Music to 1950 : 10 p. notes ; photocopies of internal documents and correspondence, press notices
235.Toronto Mendelssohn Choir -- Bach Festival 1950 : program ; photocopies of press notices
236.Toronto Mendelssohn Choir -- history : photocopies of programs and press notices, including excerpts from "The Mendelssohn chorister" ; 5 p. notes
237.Toronto Mendelssohn Choir -- Messiah : photocopies of programs, press notices, and a review by MacMillan of Watkins Shaw edition ; 2 p. notes
238.Toronto Mendelssohn Choir -- New York, 1954 : photocopies of press notices
239.Toronto Mendelssohn Choir -- plaque presented to MacMillan at 75 ; photocopies of press notices
240.Toronto Musicians Association : 3 p. notes ; photocopies of letters to and from MacMillan and union officials
241.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- before 1931 : photocopies of press notices
242.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1931 : photocopies of press notices and transcript of "statement" by MacMillan on accepting conductor position
243.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1932 : photocopies of press notices
244.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1933 : photocopies of financial correspondence and press notices ; 1 p. notes
245.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1934 : photocopies and transcripts of press notices and programs
246.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1935 : photocopies of press clippings ; 3 p. notes
247.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1936 : photocopies and transcripts of press clippings
248.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1937 : photocopies of press clippings ; 3 p. notes
249.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1938/39 : photocopies and transcripts of financial correspondence and press clippings ; 3 p. notes
250.Toronto Symphony orchestra -- 1940 : photocopies and transcripts of press clippings ; 6. p. notes
251.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1940/50 : 10 p. notes ; photocopies of press clippings
252.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1942 : photocopies and transcripts of press clippings ; 1 p. notes
253.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1943 : photocopies of press clippings ; 2 p. notes
254.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1944 : photocopies of press clippings
255.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1945 : 8 p. notes ; photocopies of press clippings
256.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1946 : photocopies of press clippings ; 2 p. notes
257.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1947 : photocopies of press clippings and programs ; 1 p. notes
258.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1948 : photocopies of press clippings ; v. 2:6 of "T.S.O. News"
259.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1949/50 : photocopies of press clippings
260.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1951/52 : photocopies of financial and statistical charts ; v. 3:9 of "T.S.O. News"
261.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1952/54 : 6 p. notes ; photocopies of press clippings
262.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1955 : photocopies of press clippings, program notes, and MacMillan's letter of resignation
263.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- 1956+ : photocopies of press clippings and various correspondence ; transcript of address by Schabas re MacMillan hundredth birthday
264.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- School/ Children's concerts : 10 p. notes ; photocopies of press clippings ; list by Pat Wardrop of Student Council Presidents, and concert guest artists. (Discarded: photocopied excerpts from "The history and development of school concerts by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra from 1925 to 1957," UWO M.Mus. dissertation by Irene L. Rowe
265.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- finances : 4 p. notes ; photocopies of documents
266.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- Guest conductors : 1 p. notes
267.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- Minutes of the Board 1831/40 : 2 p. notes ; photocopies of reports
268.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- Minutes of the Board 1941/42 : photocopies of reports
269.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- Minutes of the Board 1941/42 : photocopies of reports
270.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- Minutes of the Board 1943/44 : photocopies of documents
271.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- Minutes of the Board 1945/46 : photocopies of reports
272.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- Minutes of the Board 1951/56 : photocopies of reports
273.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- Players' Committee : photocopies from minute books
274.Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- Women's Committee : annotated printout of draft of address about his biography, Nov. 16, 1993 ; 2 ALS from Marion Langford ; photograph of Schabas with Pat Wardrop, Gloria Sharp and Dorothy Findlay
275.TVO : letter from Donald Duprey re Schabas' proposal for a documentary film
276.Transparencies of photographs
277.Unger, Heinz : 5 p. notes ; photocopies of press notices
278.United Church of Canada : 1 p. notes ; photocopies of press notices
279.United Nations : 3 p. notes ; photocopies of press notices
280.University Arts Women's Club : 9 p. text of Schabas 1994 lecture
281.University of Toronto Press : file of grant application documents
282.University of Toronto Archives : material on Faculty of Music and University College
283.University of Toronto Magazine : memos to Margaret MacAuley, and excerpts from the biography
284.University of Toronto Archives : 12 p. notes
285.University of Toronto Press : 1 p. notes re MacMillan ; fax of press release about biography ; copies of Schabas' letters of thanks to participants in his book launch
286.University Women's Club : notes for talk about biography ; 2 letters to Schabas from club organizers
287.Upper Canada Broadcasting Corporation : 1 p. notes ; photocopy of address by MacMillan, and of press notices on proposed television station
288.Vancouver : 2 p. notes ; photocopy of press clipping about MacMillan visit and letter to Lawren Harris from MacMillan
289.Vancouver Symphony Orchestra : 2 p. notes ; photocopy of letters from MacMillan and press notices re finances and appointment of conductor
290.Victoria B.C. : 1 p. notes
291.Vogt, A. S. : 1 p. notes ; photocopy of press notices, including "Appreciation" by MacMillan
292.Walter, Arnold : 1 p. notes ; copy of letter accepting grant as vice-president, Canadian Music Council ; photocopy of press notices
293.Walter, Cameron : copy of his 44 p. student essay "Sir Ernest Campbell MacMillan, 1931-1945"
294.Wartime music : copies of several papers and addresses by MacMillan
295.Washington and Baltimore : 2 p. notes ; photocopy of press notices
296.Wedd, Nora : photocopy of press clipping including anecdote about MacMillan
297.Weinzweig, John : 2 p. interview notes ; "Notations" v. 5, no. 1 published interview with David Olds
298.Wells, Kay Irwin : copy of transcript of interview with Keith MacMillan ; photocopy of verse letter to MacMillan
299.Wells, Paul : photocopy of letter to MacMillan and press notices
300.Wickson, Ethelwyn : 6 p. interview notes ; correspondence with Schabas re permission to use her remarks on MacMillan's view of religion
301.Willan, Healey : photocopy of MacMillan's tribute for "Diapason" press notices, and of manuscript of "Willan's elucidation (1966) of MacMillan's elucidation"
302.Winnipeg : 3 p. notes
303.Winston Salem : 1 p. notes
304.Women : photocopy of manuscript student essay by MacMillan "A comparison -the women of the eighteenth century with the women of today"
305.Listing of the writings (in alphabetical order ; in chronological order) of Sir Ernest MacMillan : annotated computer printouts / Keith MacMillan
306.YMCA : notes on aid to wartime prisoners (1941-45)
307.Memoirs : photocopy of typescript and computer printouts / Ernest MacMillan
308.Toronto Symphony Orchestra programs : 1931-1945 ; 1945-1952 ; 1952-1956 ; computer printouts of indexes by date, composer, concert type, conductor, soloist, and Canadian composers / Keith MacMillan
309.Diary : annotated computer printout of chronology of performances and other events in the life of Sir Ernest MacMillan
310.Ernest Campbell MacMillan biography up to 1920 : photocopy of typescript/computer printout ; introductory sections include annotations (photocopy) of editing suggestions by Schabas / Keith MacMillan
311.The history and development of school concerts by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra from 1925 to 1957 / Irene Rowe
312.[Notebook] : questions, journal references and interview notes ; most page headings are names of persons, institutions and cities (e.g. Willan, Chalmers, Toronto Conservatory of Music, Hollywood)
313.35 audio cassettes : interviews conducted by Schabas 1991-93