Archives Collection 16 : Eileen Law

Eileen Law, contralto and teacher, was born in Belfast, 16 October 1900, and died in Toronto 30 November 1978. Primarily an oratorio singer, she taught for the RCMT from 1938-1977. See the Canadian Encyclopedia for a full biography.

Programs, reviews and publicity materials of her performances, photographs, and teaching materials.


2 boxes (.2 m.)


Ms Mary Black

Notes : lectures [on singing and musicianship] 4 notebooks. MS pencil, ink, and typescript.
Performances, 1932-1947. 1 file of programs.
Performances, 1920s-1940s. 1 file of newspaper and magazine clippings.
Pocket diaries : 1938-1942, 1944, 1946. 7 v. MS pencil and ink.
Correspondence. 4 items. MS and typescript.
Publicity materials. 1 file of photographs and flyers + 2 half-tone metal plates ( cuts ).
[Musical repertoire] 4 notebooks. MS ink.
Performances by her students, 1938-1968. 1 file of programs.
Publicity photographs of other artists. 1 file.