Discourses in Music: Volume 2 Number 1 (Fall 2000)

Accommodation Info - Intersections 2000, Toronto

Residence Rooms

Hart House
7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON M5S 1A1
(416) 978-7274 FAX (416) 971-2244
Single: $35-45/day Double: $55-70/day
On U of T campus, ten minutes from conference venue

Victoria College
140 Charles St. W., Toronto, ON M5S 1K9
(416) 585-4522 FAX (416)585-4530
Single: $42/day Double: $60/day
On U of T campus, ten minutes from conference venue

Residence College Hotel
90 Gerard St. W., Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1J6
(416) 351-1010, FAX (416) 351-8583
Single room: $50/day, Double room: $95/day
Ten minutes from conference venue

Woodlawn Residence (YWCA)
80 Woodlawn Ave. E., Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1C1
(416) 923-8454 FAX (416) 923-1950
Women only; Single room: $47-52/day, $20/night dorm room, Double room: $62/day
Twenty minutes from conference venue

Hostels in the Toronto Area

Global Village Backpackers
Toronto 460 King Street West, Toronto ON M5V 1L7
Tel: 1-888-844-7875, Fax: (416) 703-3887
Price:$20 CDN
Booking Information: for large groups, contact the office as soon as possible. For individuals, call by the last week in October. Ten minutes from conference venue.

Leslieville Home Hostels
185 Leslie Street, Toronto ON M4M 3C6
Tel: (416) 461-7258 Fax: (416) 469-9938
Price:$17 CDN
Booking information: To secure a private room, phone one or two weeks ahead of time. Dormitory rooms require only one or two days notice. Leslieville is in the east of Toronto, about twenty minutes from the conference venue.

Mimico Hospitality House
150 Queens Avenue, Toronto ON M8V 2N6
Tel: (416) 255-9984, Fax: (416) 251-8346
Price:$20 CDN per person
Booking information: limited space (4-6), reservation is by all major credit cards, rates are charged at time of reservation. Questions asked by email will be answered in an hour. Twenty minutes from conference venue. GENDER MIXED DORM ROOMS with free linen. Breakfast included, non-smoking, bilingual, near 24-hour transit.

The Planet Traveler's Hostel
175 Augusta Avenue, Toronto ON, M5T 2L4
Tel: (416) 599-6789
Price:$20 CDN
Ten minutes from conference venue. Just opened, June 2000. All new beds and private washrooms. Free lockers. Small, clean and cozy. Located in a restored Victorian home.

118 Spadina Road, Toronto ON M5R 2T8
Tel: (416) 922-5220
Price:$25 dorm. 40 single, 50-60 double CDN
Booking information: phone by October 6. Breakfast will be served for an additional price. Fifteen minutes from conference venue, five minutes from university.

Hostelling International
Toronto 76 Church Street, Toronto ON, M5C 2G1
Tel: (416) 971-4440
Price:$17.95 -22 CDN for members, $23-26 CDN for non-members
Booking information: phone as early as possible for private rooms, for dorm style call by October 16. Individual deposits are required the first night, with the remainder due on the last day. Ten minutes from conference venue.

Marigold Intl. Hostel
2011 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON, M6R 1W7
Tel: (416) 536-8824, Fax: (416) 588-2678
Twenty minutes from conference venue.

Toronto Budget Hostel
223 Church Street, Toronto ON M5B 1Y7
Tel: (416) 703-3939, Fax: (416) 703-2972
Price:$22 CDN (possible discount with student card)
Booking Information: phone as early as possible. Linen available, and pillows.
5-10 minutes from conference venue.

Guest Houses

Global Guest House
9 Spadina Rd., Toronto, ON M5R 2S9
(416)923-4004 FAX (416)923-1208
Single: $49-59/day Double: $59-69/day

Hotels and Motels under $100.00 US

Days Inn
30 Carlton Street, Toronto, Canada M58 2E9
416-977-6655 , Fax: 416-977-0502
Price: $119.00 +tax CDN (single or double occupancy. Each extra person +15 to a max of four per room)
Booking Information: phone no later than mid-October. From out of town call central reservations office 800-329-7466, and ask for the "special rate" ($119 instead of $125). Ten minutes from conference venue.

Alexandra Apartment Hotel
77 Ryerson Avenue - Toronto, ON, M5T 2V4
Tel: 416-504-2121
Price: $74.95 CDN (single or double, +6 for one more person)
Booking Information: Phone as soon as possible. Ten minutes from conference venue. The hotel is located downtown and is very near public transportation. TWO NIGHT MINIMUM STAY IF ONE OF THE NIGHTS IS SATURDAY. SATURDAY MAY BE COMBINED WITH EITHER FRIDAY OR SUNDAY.

Bond Place
65 Dundas Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Location: Downtown Toronto.
Rates: $79-125 CDN
Tel: 416-362-6061
Booking Information: Phone by October 6. Rooms available only for November 1-3. Very near to conference venue.

Executive Motor Hotel
621 King St West
Tel: 504-7441, FAX: 504-4722
Ten minutes from conference venue
Rates: $60-80 CDN.

Hotel Victoria
56 Yonge St. Toronto
Tel: 416-363-1666
Prices: $119 CDN - $135 +$15 for additional person
Booking Information: Reserve by mid October. Five minutes from conference venue.

Bed and Breakfast Associations

Bed and Breakfast Homes of Toronto
P.O. Box 46093, College Park P. O., Toronto, ON M5B 2L8
(416) 363-6362 No voicemail/Phone line answered 7 days/week, days & evenings.

Toronto Bed & Breakfast (1987) Inc.
Box 269, 253 College St., Toronto, ON M5T 1R6
(905) 403-9399/(416) 588-8800 FAX(905) 822-3036

Beaconsfield B&B
38 Beaconsfield Ave., Toronto, ON M6J 3H9
(416) 535-3338 FAX (416) 535-3338
Single: $65/day Double: $75/day
Apartment: Double - $110/day (includes breakfast)
Ten minutes from conference venue.

Churchview B&B
105 Howland Ave., Toronto, ON M5R 3B4
(416) 975-2656 email:
Single: $79/day, Double: $89/day
Fifteen minutes from conference venue.

Homewood Inn
65 Homewood Ave., Toronto, ON M4Y 2K1
(416) 920-7944FAX (416) 920-4091
Single: $50/day Double: $60/day
Ten minutes from conference venue.