Discourses in Music: Volume 4 Number 2 (Spring 2003)

The Wind Quintet in Canada: Legacy and Promise

By J. Drew Stephen

(The list of recordings and commissioned pieces was updated in November 2008 to include recent activities by the ensembles discussed herein.)

The two standard chamber music ensembles for winds, the brass quintet and the woodwind quintet, share a common instrument: the horn. Like many horn players, I have had ample opportunities to play in both ensembles and, as a result, I have become familiar with both mediums. Some years ago, while seeking Canadian works to give to the university-level ensembles I was coaching and new works for potential performances with my own wind quintet, I began to explore the recorded repertoire of a number of Canadian ensembles. As a former student of Eugene Rittich (Toronto Woodwind Quintet) and Harcus Hennigar (York Winds), and as a colleague, in various free-lance situations, of the members of the Aeolian Winds and the Essex Winds, I had a personal interest in this exercise. I was struck immediately by the number of commercial recordings that had been made and impressed by the high percentage of Canadian works included on them. Clearly, the performance of Canadian music was an important priority for these ensembles. Realizing that these recordings comprised a valuable resource, both for scholars and performers, I began to compile a list of the recordings and to investigate more thoroughly the history of the ensembles that had made them.

Beginning in the 1950s, the wind quintet medium experienced a remarkable cultivation in Canada. Professional ensembles were formed introducing the wind quintet repertoire to a wider audience through concerts, radio broadcasts, and commercial recordings. More significantly, the ensembles themselves provided the impetus for composers to write new music. In many cases, the ensembles actively sought out and encouraged composers and arrangers to write works that would expand and enhance the repertoire. Indeed, many ensembles built their reputations on the performance of new music or on innovative, often visionary, programming. In these cases, the very existence of the group was founded on its ability to procure new compositions, to perform existing works in novel ways and contexts, or to adapt works for the quintet that were originally conceived for other performing forces. The result is an overall repertoire that is both rich and varied, and one that owes its existence not only to the composers who wrote the individual works within it, but also to the performers who provided the inspiration for writing them.

The appended catalogue indicates the profound impact that certain groups have had on the formation of a Canadian wind quintet repertoire. For each group, a list is provided of works that the group commissioned or premièred. This is followed by a list of commercial recordings made by the ensemble, showing, in all cases, how Canadian works comprise an important part of their overall repertoire. This information should provide a valuable reference tool for ensembles wishing to expand their repertoire of Canadian music. The information could also be used to suggest new ideas for programming by showing how the individual compositions fit into a group's general repertoire, and how Canadian works compliment some of the standard works of the quintet repertoire. Moreover, by indicating which works have been recorded, it allows current or future ensembles - including student ensembles - to access this information and evaluate for themselves whether there are suitable Canadian works for their own performances. It should also encourage them to place themselves within the excellent tradition of wind quintet playing in Canada, and to carry that tradition forward into the future. Many of these recordings, admittedly, are no longer available, but most can be found in the collections of music libraries at Canadian universities or through the various branches of the Canadian Music Centre. The catalogue is prefaced by a brief overview of four ensembles that have made particularly notable contributions. One hopes that their examples will be emulated and that Canadian ensembles will continue to provide the inspiration to expand and redefine the wind quintet medium.

The Toronto Woodwind Quintet: Establishing the Canon

One of the earliest, and certainly one of the most influential of Canadian woodwind quintets, was the Toronto Woodwind Quintet. Except for the clarinetist, (Ezra Schabas, who was a professor of clarinet at the University of Toronto), the founding members held principal posts in either the Toronto Symphony, the CBC Radio Orchestra, or both. Moreover, the Toronto Woodwind Quintet was the resident quintet on the teaching staff of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada where its members influenced and mentored many of Canada's best young musicians. In its first two years, the group performed exclusively for CBC radio. Its subsequent public performances were often at prestigious venues. The Toronto Woodwind Quintet took part in several of the acclaimed Ten Centuries Concerts in Toronto, spent a week performing at the Canadian Government Pavilion at Expo '67, and was among the first ensembles to participate in the TSO-sponsored Prelude Concerts for school Children.

The Toronto Woodwind Quintet displayed a strong dedication to Canadian music. Canadian works were performed on most of the concerts and recordings, and its members approached prominent composers such as Harry Freedman and John Weinzweig with requests that they write music for the group. Through outstanding performances, and by inspiring some of the standard works in the quintet repertoire, the Toronto Woodwind Quintet set an impressive standard for the many groups that followed.

The York Winds: Continuing the Tradition

In many ways, the York Winds expanded upon the legacy of the Toronto Woodwind Quintet with performances of Canadian compositions largely justifying the group's existence. Although its repertoire, according to one of the record-jackets, ranged "from Beethoven and Bach to Scott Joplin and Gershwin", the York Winds was best known for its performances of Canadian works. In fact, this continues to be its legacy today. In 2002, the Canadian Music Centre, acknowledging the group's role in enlarging the wind quintet repertoire by commissioning many Canadian composers, released a new Centrediscs CD featuring the York Winds "performing works by five of Canada's distinguished musical creators": Brian Cherney, Bengt Hambraeus, Norman Sherman, Robert Aikin, and Michael Parker (the CD is a compilation of the group's 1982 release, Folia, plus Parker's Chôle from the 1985 recording). Because of its commitment to Canadian music the York Winds were able to attract substantial operating grants from the Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council. Furthermore, its Canadian repertoire attracted numerous international bookings. The York Winds toured North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. The group also presented concerts and workshops, and was heard on radio and television broadcasts in the USSR, Yugoslavia, Holland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. Typecast as a group specializing only in Canadian music, the York Winds was compelled to perform more and more Canadian works to attract grant money, and their international sponsors, although enthusiastic about the Canadian repertoire, were less interested in hearing performances of works from the standard repertoire. Moreover, the York Winds's reputation as a cutting-edge new music ensemble resulted, increasingly, in commissions that were undertaken for specific events, thus adding a unique and exciting element to the première, but making it difficult to perform these works a second time at other venues. Still, as cultural ambassadors, the group helped establish Canada's reputation in wind music and left behind an impressive list of recordings and commissioned works.

The Aeolian Winds: Exploring New Possibilities

Brass quintets, unlike woodwind quintets, have long found ways to expand their repertoires, often through arrangements of works for other mediums and by exploring and exploiting popular styles and genres. One of the most pioneering and innovative groups in this area is the Canadian Brass. Through numerous transcriptions, arrangements, and commissions, the Canadian Brass has created its own musical world, moving from the traditional base of brass quintet music into the realms of jazz, contemporary concert music, and popular song. To date, no wind quintet has explored popular styles to the same extent as the Canadian Brass, but the Aeolian Winds have managed to broaden the repertoire by moving in this direction. Jazz guitarist Oliver Whitehead's Home/Suite/Home, written especially for the group, is a five-movement suite in which, according to the composer, "each movement attempts to evoke the atmosphere of a different room in an ordinary home". Whitehead combines classical and jazz styles, even requiring the hornist and the flautist to play improvised solos in the last movement. The group has also commissioned some noteworthy transcriptions from arranger Clifford Crawley. These include songs by Wolf, Keel, and Poulenc in versions for quintet and bass voice, and Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade in a version for wind quintet and string quartet. The last example is particularly innovative and demonstrates the impact of the ensemble's own initiative in expanding its repertoire. The idea to arrange Scheherazade originated with the members of the Aeolian Winds, and they took it to Crawley with specific suggestions of instrumentation. In order to capitalize on the novelty of this work, the group also paid for five-year exclusive performing rights.

Estria and Pentaèdre: The Larger Picture

Arrangements, like those for the Aeolian Winds, or new compositions that expand the quintet medium by adding extra instruments, hold much promise for future innovations. A number of composers have already experimented successfully with this concept, including Francis Poulenc in his Sextuor (wind quintet plus piano) and Leos Janácek (wind quintet plus bass clarinet). A current trend that facilitates the performance of these and similar works for quintet plus additional instruments involves incorporating a small ensemble such as a quintet into a larger one, thus allowing the smaller one to function on its own or as a part of the larger group. This model has been used successfully by the Canadian Chamber Ensemble, a group of sixteen players drawn from the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. The instrumentation comprises wind quintet, brass quintet, string quintet and percussion. The repertoire consists of works for these smaller groups as well as various combinations. This is also the approach used by the Amici Ensemble of Toronto. Beginning with its core instrumentation of clarinet, 'cello, and piano, the group is augmented, on most of its concerts and recordings, by various "amici" to perform works requiring more performers, including wind quintets. Currently, this approach is also being used by two wind quintets, Pentaèdre and the Quintette à Vent Estria. The Montrèal-based Pentaèdre has been a part of the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne since its inception in 1989. In addition to working within this larger group, the quintet also shares its concerts with other ensembles, notably the Penderecki String Quartet. This allows the group to organize concerts that place standard quintets into a broader context, and to perform its own arrangements, notably of Mahler song cycles, for quintet and added instruments. Similarly, the Estria quintet, beginning with the current 2002-2003 season, is now integrated into the Musica Nova Ensemble. The existence of both quintets within larger groups not only provides them with a wider pool of players to draw upon. It gives them access to larger audience bases and to additional organizational resources. Moreover, it places them in stronger positions to commission new works and, since at least some of their performances are on the series of the larger groups, gives the group a higher profile.

Canadian Wind Quintets: Ensembles, Commissions and Premières, Recordings

Recordings of works by Canadian composers/arrangers are identified by an asterisk (*).

Toronto Woodwind Quintet (1955-1978)
("Toronto Winds" after 1972)
Gordon Day/Nicholas Fiore, flute
Perry Bauman/Melvin Berman, oboe
Ezra Schabas/Stanley McCartney, clarinet
Nicholas Kilburn/Christopher Weait, bassoon
Eugene Rittich, horn
Commissions and Premières:
John Weinzweig: Quintet, 1964
Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté: Woodwind Quintet, 1963
George Fiala: Chamber Music for 5 Woodwind Instruments, 1948
Harry Freedman: Quintet, 1962
Lucio Agostini: Suite in Popular Style, 1960
Maurice Dela: Petite suite maritime, 1947
Robert Turner: Serenade, 1960
Walter Buczynski: Suite for woodwind quintet, 1955 (Canadian première)

1963. Anthology of Canadian Music. RCI ACM 21.
Sophie-Carmen *Eckhardt-Grammatté: Quintet

1965. Transcription RCI 208.
Frantisek Bartos: Suite from 'Le Burgeois Gentilhomme'
Harry *Freedman: Quintet for winds

1965. CBC SM 22.
Telemann (arr. *Keetbaas): Suite in B Minor
George *Fiala: Chamber Music for Five Woodwind Instruments

1967. Music and Musicians of Canada VI. RCA CCS-1012
(with Phyllis Mailing, mezzo soprano)
R. Murray *Schafer: Minnelieder
Udo *Kasemets: Quintet for wind instruments
John *Weinzweig: Woodwind Quintet

1967. CBC Expo 11.
(with John Newmark, piano)
Maurice *Dela: Petite suite maritime
Jean *Papineau-Couture: Suite
W.A. Mozart: Quintet K 452

1969. Transcription CBC SM-36/CBC SM-193.
Beethoven (arr. *Keetbaas): Quintet Op. 4

1969. Transcription CBC SM-35/CBC SM-186
(with Judy Loman, harp)
Willem Pijper: Woodwind Quintet
John Addison: Serenade for wind quintet and harp

1973. Toronto Winds. CBC SM-238
Paul Hindemith: Kleine Kammermusik
André Souris: Rengaines
Anton Reicha: Quintet in E-flat, Op. 88 No. 2

2002. Canadian Composers Portraits: John Weinzweig. Centrediscs/Centredisques , CMCCD 8002
John *Weinzweig: Woodwind Quintet (re-issue of the 1967 recording)

York Winds (1972-1988)
Douglas Stewart, flute
Lawrence Cherney/Cynthia Steljes, oboe
Howard Knopf/Paul Grice/Gwillym Williams, clarinet
James MacDonald/Harcus Hennigar/Robert McCosh, horn
James McKay/Gerald Robinson, bassoon
Commissions and Premières:
Brian Cherney: Notturno,1974
Paul Pederson: Woodwind Quintet No. 2, 1975
Walter Buczynsky: Two pieces for woodwind quintet, 1975
John Fodi: Variations/II, 1976
Clifford Ford: Alliance for Winds, 1976
Marjan Mozetich: In the a.i.r., 1976
Michael Parker: Cholê, 1976
John Rea: Reception and Offering Music, 1976
Bengt Hambraeus: Jeu de Cinq, 1977
John Hawkins: Quintet, 1977
David Jaeger: Double Woodwind Quintet, 1977
Brian Cherney: Group portrait with piano, 1978
Gary Kulesha: Concertante Music for Soprano Saxophone and Woodwind Quintet, 1979
Alcides Lanza: acúfenos IV, 1979
Robert Aitken: Folia, 1980
William Douglas: Quintet, 1980
Denys Boulaine: Jeux de Société for quintet and piano, 1982
Norma Beecroft: Images, 1986
Denys Boulaine: A certain chinese cyclopaedia, 1986
Diana McIntosh: Patterns and Digressions, 1987
Raymond Luedeke: Nocturnal Variations on a prelude by Chopin, 1987

1980. New Music Series 16. Melbourne SMLP 4040.
(with Tom Plaunt, piano; Russel Hartenberger, percussion)
Brian *Cherney: Notturno
Bernard Heiden: Sinfonia for Woodwind Quintet
John *Rea: Reception and Offering Music
Elliot Carter: Wind Quintet

1982. Folia. CMC 0482.
Brian *Cherney: Woodwind Quintet
Bengt *Hambraeus: Jeu de Cinq
Norman *Sherman: Quintessant
Robert *Aikin: Folia

1982. ERA 105 Digital.
Ferenc Farkas: Ancient Hungarian Dances
J.S. Bach (arr. Nakagawa): Prelude and Fugue XXII (Well-Tempered Clavier I)
Christopher *Weait: The Jolly Raftsman
Jacques Ibert: Trois pièces brèves
Charles Lefèbvre: Suite, Op. 57

1985. RCI 582.
Ingolf Dahl: Allegro and Arioso
Michael *Parker: Cholê
Alvin Etler: Quintet No. 2

1988. RCI 636
(with William Aide, piano)
Talivaldis *Kenins: Quintet for piano and wind instruments
Camille Saint-Saëns: Caprice on Danish and Russian Airs, Op. 79
Franz Danzi: Quintet Op, 56, No. 1
Anatol Liadov: Eight Russian Folk Songs Op. 58

2002. Folia: Canadian Wind Quintets. CMC-CD 7301
(re-issue of the 1982 recording plus Parker's Cholê from the 1985 recording)
Brian *Cherney: Woodwind Quintet
Bengt *Hambraeus: Jeu de Cinq
Norman *Sherman: Quintessant
Robert *Aikin: Folia
Michael *Parker: Cholê

2003. Canadian Composers Portrits: Talivaldis Kenins. 2003 Centrediscs/Centredisques, CMCCD 9403
Talivaldis *Kenins: Quintet for piano and wind instruments (re-issue of 1988 recording)

2005. Ovation, Vol. 4. CBC Records, PSCD 2029-4
Brian *Cherney: Woodwind Quintet (re-issue of 1982 recording)

Aeolian Winds (Est. 1988)
Fiona Wilkinson, flute
Ian Franklin, oboe
Ross Edwards/Peter Shackleton, clarinet
Derek Conrod, horn
David Haward, bassoon
Commissions and Premières:
Ken Bray: Seaboard Songs, 1992
Michael Parker: Three Humours (1991), 1992
Arsenio Giron: Three Celebrations, 1993
Peter-Paul Koprowski: Wind Quintet (1988-92), 1993
Leslie Barber: Monograph for quintet and narrator, 1994
Oliver Whitehead: Home Suite Home, 1994
Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov (arr. Crawley): Scheherazade for wind quintet and string quartet, 1996
Clifford Crawley: Airs and Graces, 1997
Gary Kulesha: Six Bagatelles from the Devil's Dictionary (final version), 1996
F. Keel (arr. Crawley): Three Salt-Water Ballads for quintet and bass voice, 1999
Francis Poulenc (arr. Crawley): Le Bestiare for quintet and bass voice, 1999
Hugo Wolf (arr. Crawley): Michelangelo-Lieder for quintet and bass voice, 1999
1992. Pastelles. ibs 1002
Ken *Bray: Seaboard Songs
Eugene Bozza: Scherzo
Claude Debussy (arr. Bozza): Le petite nègre
Percy Grainger: Walking Tune: Tit-bits No. 3
A. Barthe: Passacaille
Gabriel Pierné: Pastorale
André Souris: Rengaines
Gabriel Fauré (arr. Schuller): Pavane
J.S. Bach (arr. Rechtman): Fugue in g
Dmitri Shostakovich (arr. Smith): Polka from the Age of Gold
Christopher *Weait: The Jolly Raftsman
Charles Lefèbvre: Suite, Op. 57
Gabriel Piernè (arr. Andraud): Marches des petits soldats de plomb
Vincent Persicheti: Pastoral Op 21
Scott Joplin (arr. Frackenpohl): Cascades

1995. Home Suite Home. ibs 1037
(With the Penderecki String Quartet)
Malcolm Arnold: Three Shanties
Nino Rota: Petite offrande musicale
Felix Mendelssohn (arr. Schuller): "Scherzo" from A Midsummer Night's Dream
Anton Reicha: Introduction and Allegro
Antonio Vivladi (arr. J.S. Bach; trans. Mordechai Rechtman): Concerto in A minor
Oliver *Whitehead: Home/Suite/Home
Stewart *Grant: Shiva's Dance
Scott Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag
N. Rimsky-Korsakov (arr. *Crawley) : Symphonic Suite: Scheherezade

2001. The Devil's Dictionary. CBC Records, MVCD 1142
Jean Françaix: Quintet
Carl Nielson: Quintet
György Ligeti: Six Bagatelles
Gary *Kulesha: Four Bagatelles from the Devil's Dictionary

Pentaèdre (Est. 1985)
Guy Pelletier/Danièle Bourget, flute
Normand Forget, oboe
Simon Aldrich/Gilles Plante/Martin Carpentier, clarinet
Francis Ouellet/Jean-Marc Dugré/Louis-Philippe Marsolais, horn
Carmelle Préfontaine/Michel Bettez/Mathieu Lussier, bassoon
Commissions and Premières:
Gustav Mahler (arr. Forget): Des Knaben Wunderhorn for wind quintet, string quintet, mezzo soprano, and baritone
Gustav Mahler (arr. Forget ): Kindertotenlieder for 2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, horn, harp, and voice
Gustav Mahler (arr. Aldrich): "Ich bin der welt" for quintet, bass clarinet, harp, and voice
Hector Berlioz (arr. Lussier): Les Nuits d'été for quintet and voice
Johannes Brahms (arr. Aldrich): Intermezzo op 118 no.2, for flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon
Ana Sokolovic: Chansons à boire, 2001
Denis Plante: Suite Pentango
Mathieu Lussier: Dos tropicales
Wendy Prezament: Botanical Theatre, 1990
Denis Shingk: Quintette

1994 Musique Française. Amplitude (distributed by Analekta) CLCD 2020
Jean Françaix, Quintette no.1
Darius Milhaud, La Cheninée du Roi-René
Jacques Ibert, trois pièces brèves
Eugène Bozza, Variations sur un air libre
Maurice Ravel (arr. Jones): Le tombeau de Couperin

2002 Airs anciens. ATMA Classique ACD 22296
(with Huet Noëlla, mezzo soprano)
R. Murray *Schafer: Minnelieder
Ferenc Farkas: Lavottiana
Peter Warlock: Capriol Suite
Ottorino Respighi: Antiche danze ed arie per liuto

2007 Mozart: Cosi fan tutte (un opéra muet). ATMA ACD 2 2545
Arrangement for wind quintet by Ulf-Guido Schafer

2008 F. Schubert: Winterreise. ATMA Label ACD 2 2546
Chamber version for wind quintet, accordion, and tenor by Normand *Forget

Quintette à Vent ESTRIA Woodwind Quintet (Est. 1997)
Anick Lessard/Kate Herzberg, flute
Étienne de Médicis, oboe
Pauline Farrugia, clarinet
Randy Jackson/Nadia Labelle, horn
Karine Breton/Michel Bettez, bassoon

Commissions and Premières:
Walter Boudreau: Le diable dans le beffroi, 1998
Stewart Grant: Wind Quintet, 1998 (commissioned with Ayorama)
Charles Camilleri: The Picasso Set, 1998 (North American Premier)
Robert Lemay: Débâcle, 1999
Chantale Laplante: Miniare (deux pièces pour Quintette à vent),
Bruce Pennycook: Frontenac Axis for flute, oboe, clarinet and computer, 2000
Jacques Desjardins: Pentalogue, 2000
Denis Gougeon: 4 jeux à 5, 2001
Robert Lemay: Quelques Tranches de Temps for flute, oboe and clarinet, 2001
Chan Ka Nin: Nature / Nurture for woodwind quintet and marimba, 2002
Mario Turmel: Tableaux Noirs, 2002
Vincent Bernier: Woodwind Quintet, 2003
Alain Perron: Woodwind Quintet, 2003
Robert Lemay: Temps de passage for Woodwind Quintet and Saxophone, 2003
Alain Mayrand: Woodwind Quintet, 2003
Andrew P. MacDonald: The Mechanics of Stardust for reed trio opus 62, 2003
Vincent Bernier: Quintette no. 1, 2003
Mario Turmel: Tableaux en mouvement pour trio d'anches, 2004
William Alexander: Huntingdon Quintet, 2004
Mario Turmel: Élement de folie, 2004
Mario Turmel: Le Chant du Silence: Mosaic en forme de prière, 2004
Sean Ferguson: Les musiciens de la ville de Brême, 2005
Robert Lemay: Fragments / Metamorphosis, 2006
Alain Perron: Land of Living Skies, 2006
Marc O'Reilly: Silence de l'étoile, 2006
Mario Turmel: 10 Miniatures pour Quintette à Vent, 2006
Denis Gougeon: Le Chant de Pauline, 2006
Marc O'Reilly: Création 2007 pour choeur et trio d'anches, 2007

2005 Estria. Disques Atma Classique ACD2357
Stewart *Grant: Quintette, op. 38
Chan *Ka Nin: Nature/Nurture
Andrew P.* MacDonald: The Mechanics of Stardust, op. 62, for reed trio
Robert *Lemay: Débâcle
Denis *Gougeon: 4 Jeux à 5

2008 Petite suite maritime. Disques Atma Classique ACD2 2391, 2008.
Maurice *Dela: Petite Suite Maritime
James *MacDonald Gayfer: Suite for Woodwind Quintet by (12:57),
Walter *Buczynski: Suite for Woodwind Quintet Op. 13
Jean *Papineau-Couture: Fantaisie pour quintette à vent
Jacques *Hétu: Quatre Miniatures pour trio d’anches
Jacques *Hétu: Quintette pour instruments à vent Op. 13

Other Notable Ensembles:

Ayorama Wind Quintet (Est. 1969)
Jean-Guy Brault/Emily Smethurst, flute
Lawrence Cherney/Stewart Grant/Francine Schutzman, oboe
Peter Smith, clarinet
Evan Philpotts/Felix Acevedo, horn
Michael Namer, bassoon
Commissions and Premières:
Stewart Grant: Shiva's Dance, 1973
Stewart Grant: A Band of Storytellers, 1982
Andrew Hodgson: Five Sketches 197-
Bruce Mather: Eine kleine Bläsermusik, 1975
Jan Järvlepp: Overture, 1999
Stewart Grant: Wind Quintet, 1999 (commissioned with Estria)
197-. RCI 364.
Jacques *Hétu: Quintette Op. 13
André Souris: Rengaines
Daruis Milhaud: La cheminée du roi René
Brian *Cherney: Interlude and Variations

197- Jacques Hétu: Anthology of Canadian Music ACM 31-CD
Jacques *Hétu: Quintette Op. 13

1977. CBC SM-261.
Samuel Barber: Summer Music
Andrew *Hodgson: Five Sketches
Heitor Villa-Lobos: Quintette en forme de Chôros
Jacques Ibert: Trois pièces brèves

1983. Marc Productions MP-1102
Stewart *Grant: A Band of Storytellers

2000 Jan Järvlepp: Flights of Fancy. JW CD001

Canadian Chamber Ensemble (est. 1974)
Principals of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony
Recordings (with wind quintet):
1994 Jean Stilwell and the Canadian Chamber Ensemble. CBC Records MVCD 1073
R.Murray *Schafer: Minnelieder

Essex Winds (Est. 1984)
Jean-François Rompré, flute
Geralyn Giovannetti, oboe
Blake Stephenson, clarinet
Anne Marie Monaco/David Parker, horn
Leslie Magowan/John Fekete, bassoon
Commissions and Premières:
Malcolm Forsyth: Quintette for Winds(or...), 1986
Talivaldis Kenins: Variations on a Theme of Schubert, 1984
1995. Quintette. CMC-CD 5595
Malcolm *Forsyth: Quintette for Winds(or...)
Talivaldis *Kenins: Variations on a Theme of Schubert
Jacques *Hétu: Quintette Op. 13
Harry *Freedman: Quintette for Winds

1996. Arrangements for Wind Quintet. Furiant Records
W.A. Mozart: Sonata for 2 Pianos
Joseph Haydn (arr. Perry): Divertimento
Georg Telemann (arr. *Keetbaas): Suite in B Minor
Ludwig van Beethoven (arr. *Keetbaas): Quartet Op. 4
J.C. Bach: Quintet

199- Ronald Beckett: A Beckett Miscellany. Phoenix Records, PHX 0879-2
Ronald Beckett: Woodwind Quintet

2000. The Essex Winds. Furiant Records FMDC 4625-2
Henk Badings: Kwintet No. IV
Alvin Etler: Quintet No. 1
Alvin Etler: Quintet No. 2
Karl Pilss: Serenade für Bläserquintett

5th Species (1988-1996)
Ann Thompson, flute
Libby van Cleve, oboe
Donald Hutton/Lori Freedman, clarinet
Robert McCosh/James Sommerville, horn
Shannon Peet, bassoon
Commissions and Premières:
Robert Stevenson: Ephemeron, 1990
Christopher Butterfield: Catalogue, 1991
Art Jarvinen: Goldbeater's Skin, 1991
Wendy Prezament: Trilling for flute/piccolo flute, E-flat clarinet, bassoon, 1991
Jon Siddall: Finnish, 1992
Allison Cameron: Spit and Balling Wire, 1993
Christos Hatzis: Burial Ground, 1993
James Rolfe: Before After for piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, horn, 1993
John Oswald: Early 20th century woodwind quintet, 1994
Peter Hannan: Nettwerk - 1994
Linda C. Smith: Hemstitch, 1996
Peter Hatch: Endangered Worlds for wind quintet plus bass clarinet, 1996
1994 Inside the Dance of Rain. Artifact Music, ART-007
Julia Wolfe: On Seven-Star Shoes
David Mott: Inside the Dance of Rain
Rudolf *Komorous: Fumon Manga
Martin Bresnick: Just Time
Wendy *Prezament: Trilling
Arthur Jarvinen: Goldbeater's Skin
György Ligeti: Ten Pieces

Onyx (est. 1994)
Katherine Anderson, flute
Gillian Howard/Stephen Koshurba, oboe
Susan Strunc/Michelle Jacot, clarinet
Lake Porter/Drew Stephen, horn
Graham Martin, bassoon
Premières and Commissions:
Marjan Mozetich: Solos for Woodwind Quintet, 1994/1999
John Dowland (arr. *Howard): Three Dowland Aires, 1999
Antonin Dvorák (arr. *Strunc): "O Silvery Moon" from Rusalka, 1999
Gustav Mahler (arr. *Anderson): Three Songs from Kindertotenlieder, 1999
Sergei Prokofiev (arr. Martin): Peter and the Wolf, 1999
Maurice Ravel (arr. Martin): Mother Goose Suite, 1999
Christopher Matey: On Contemplating Haiku, 2000
Scott Good: Onyx Variations, 2001
Keith Denning: Solitaires for flute, horn, and bassoon, 2001
Keith Denning: Sangako #1 for wind quintet and piano, 2001
Sam Andreyev: Quintet for Winds, 2001
1999 Onyx. BXI, OWG001
(with Marianne Zin-Orlowski, soprano, Vilma Indra Vitols, mezzo soprano, Julia Seager, harp, Kim Morris, chime)
Paquito D'Rivera: Aires Tropicales
Marjan *Mozetich: Solos for Woodwind Quintet
John Dowland, arr. Gillian *Howard: Three Dowland Aires
Antonin Dvorák, arr. Susan *Strunc: "O Silvery Moon" from Rusalka
Gustav Mahler, arr. Katherine *Anderson: Three Songs from Kindertotenlieder
Ferenc Farkas: Old Hungarian Dances of the Seventeenth Century

Quintette à vent du Québec (1971-1987)
Jean C. Morin, flute
Bernard Jean, oboe
Jean Laurendeau, clarinet
Jean-Louis Gagnon, horn
René Bernard, bassoon
Commissions and Premières:
Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux: Genesis, 1985
Richard Gaudreault-Boucher: Hypernuances, 1980
Jacques Hétu: Symphonie concertante, Op. 40 for quintet and orchestra, 1986
1977. SNE 501
Paul Hindemith: Kleine Kammermusik
Jacques Ibert: Trois pièces brèves
Bruce *Mather: Eine kleine Bläsermusik
Micheline Coulombe *Saint-Marcoux: Genesis

1981. Richard Boucher: Selected Works. CAPAC Musical Portraits, Series 4, No. 4
Richard-Gaudreault *Boucher: Hypernuances (extract)

1983. Anthology of Canadian Music. RCI 424/6-ACM 14.
Otto *Joachim: Divertimento

Toronto Wind Quintet (est. 1997)
(formerly "Faculty Woodwind Quintet")
Douglas Stewart, flute
Clare Scholtz, oboe
Stephen Pierre, clarinet
Harcus Hennigar, horn
Kathleen McLean, bassoon
2002. Its about Time. Arbordisc Recordings, UTWQ0201
Franz Danzi: Wind Quintet in B-flat, Op. 56, no. 1
Charles Lefèbvre: Suite, Op. 57
Elliot Carter: Wind Quintet
Daruis Milhaud: Suite d'après Corrette, op. 161b for ob, cl, bsn.
Jacques *Hétu: Quintette Op. 13
Jacques Ibert: Trois pièces brèves

The Vancouver Woodwind Quintet (1968-1976)
Harriet Crossland, flute
Ronald de Kant, clarinet
Warren Stannard, oboe
Roland Small, bassoon
Robert Creech, horn
1970. CBC SM-139.
Carl Nielsen: Quintet
Ingolf Dahl: Allegro and Arioso
Robert *Turner: Serenade for Woodwind Quintet

The Winds of Vancouver (1976-1986)
Camille Churchfield, flute
Ronald de Kant/Wes Foster, clarinet
Roger Cole, oboe
Christopher Millard, bassoon
Martin Hackleman, horn

Camerata d'Amici
Kathleen Rudolph, flute
Gene Ramsbottom, clarinet
Tony Nickels, oboe
John Gaudette, bassoon
Brian G'Froerer, horn

Commissions and Premières:
Stephen Chatman: Shadow River for Wind Quintet and Mezzo Soprano, 1981
Elliot Weisgarber: Quintet, 1978


Pacific Wind Quintet (1972-1988)
Lanny Pollet, flute
Tim Paradise/Ethan Sloane/Thomas Dowling/Michael Lyons, clarinet
Eileen Gibson, oboe
Jesse Read/Gabor Janota, bassoon
Dick Ely, horn

Commissions and Premières:
Murray Adaskin: Woodwind Quintet No. 1, 1974
Rudolf Komorous: Fumon Manga, 1981, revised 1983

Lorien Woodwind Quintet
Vivian Minde, flute
Wes Foster, clarinet
Sandra Watts, oboe
John Courtney, bassoon
Robert Hansen, horn

Commissions and Premières:
Harry Freedman: Tikki Tikki Tembo for Narrator and Woodwind Quintet, 1971

2002 (re-issue). Ovation Vol. 1. CBC Records, PSCD 2026-5
Harry Freedman: Tikki Tikki Tembo (with narrator Rod Coneybeare)

Canadian Wind Quintet
Dale Hunter, flute
Gordon Craig, clarinet
Donalda Hunter, oboe
Norman Sherman, bassoon
Stephen Seiffert, horn

Sentiri Wind Quintet ()
Paula Elliott , flute
Wes Foster, clarinet
Jon Peterson, oboe
Thomas Elliott, bassoon
Gregory Hustis, horn

The Bergen Wind Quintet, one of Scandanavia's leading chamber music groups, has recorded Murray Adaskin's Wind Quintets. They are available on the following releases:

2000, The Adaskin Collection Vol. 5. Media Magic MM 105
Murray Adaskin: Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (1974)
Murray Adaskin: Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1993)

2002 (re-issue), Ovation Vol. 1. CBC Records, PSCD 2026-5
Murray Adaskin: Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (1974)