Discourses in Music: Volume 4 Number 3 (Summer 2003)

Editorial Leanne Fetterley, Guest Editor
Symphonic Marxism: Sovietizing Pre-Revolutionary Russian Music Under Stalin Jiri Smrz
Freylekhe Felker: Queer Subculture in the Klezmer Revival Dana Astmann
In Response to Drew Stephen's "The Wind Quintet in Canada: Legacy and Promise" Sam King
In Response to Colin Eatock's "Serge Koussevitzky Discovers America" Eleanor Johnston
Insights and Outlooks: On Waking Up in the Year 2003 Colin Eatock

Editorial Board

  • Sandy Thorburn, Chair, Managing Editor
  • David Ogborn, Web Designer
  • Leanne Fetterley, Guest Editor
  • Benita Wolters-Fredlund, Insights and Outlooks Editor
  • Alexander Carpenter, Senior Editor
  • Teresa Magdanz, Editor