Discourses in Music: Volume 6 Number 1 (Summer 2006)

Editorial Eleanor Johnston, Guest Editor
Operatic Twins and Musical Rivals: Two Settings of Artaserse (1730) Robert Torre
A Response to Sandy Thorburn’s Response to “How We Got Out of Analysis and How to get Back In: A Polemical Re-Appraisal of Joseph Kerman” Leslie Kinton
Sanctuary, The heart has its reasons. Warner Classics, 2005. Reviewed by Jamie Younkin
Insights and Outlooks: Watch what you wish for, it just might come true David Ogborn

Editorial Board

  • David Ogborn, Chair
  • Jamie Younkin
  • Eleanor Johnston

Advisory Board

  • Teresa Magdanz
  • Sandy Thorburn
  • Benita Wolters-Fredlund